Author, Teacher, Speaker

Book Sales

This option makes my publishers REALLY happy. If your school can guarantee  the sale of over 300 books - I will waive my speaking fee. Now - I still have to charge for my travel to your school - but this is a great deal. Many of my books are trade paperbacks and can be purchased for just $8.95. I have found that many PTOs will purchase a book for each child in the school. If you have over 300 kids in your school - you get a free school visit!!! All you have to fund are my travel expenses.

In-School Field Trips

I did this when I was teaching and wanted to bring authors into my school. Instead of taking a trip to the zoo or art museum, I brought the artist or author to MY SCHOOL! My kids paid what they would have for bus fare for a field trip and all those nickles and dimes added up to enough for an author visit. And sometimes even a WEEK with an author in residence!!

It was one of my students' favorite events and the kids I taught tell me they still remember those author and illustrator visits.

So calculate what your kiddos have to pay to go on a field trip and make it a staycation style learning experience your students will never forget!


Now this one can be both the most tricky and the most rewarding! You have to plan ahead to get grant funding - but the money is out there!

Most states have grants for science, the arts and school enrichment. Your own city or school district may have funds available. You will have to do the research on what is available in your part of the world. BUT I am always willing to partner with schools who want to write grants for me to visit their kids. I will be happy to provide all my teaching credentials and author stats - whatever info you need to make a case to your grantors...I will even read over the grant for you - if you need some help! Just let me know what you need. I really do want to help the children in your school learn about the intersection of science and language arts!

Shared Costs

This works really great if you can pair up with neighboring schools to share my travel expenses. I am happy to visit multiple schools or even neighboring school districts all in the same week. That way you can divide my travel expenses among multiple budgets. This works even better for you if you combine it with book sales! (Each school must have over 300 book sales. You can't combine that...)

Let's Talk Money!

Reality bites! And my reality is that I earn my living not just by writing, but also through speaking and teaching engagements. Do I wish I could give free school visits to everyone? Heck Yes! ​ But I am not independently wealthy, and I know you aren't either. School budgets are tight and getting tighter every year. So, sometimes we need to be creative with how to fund author visits. This page lists some of the ways I have worked with schools to fund my visits.

Stephanie Bearce