Meet some of my friends who love to read and learn!


I offer a variety of presentations for different age groups and I am always willing to customize a program for your specific needs.  Just let me know what works for you!

Top Secret Files of History -

The Classroom Experience

Grades - 4-8

Secret weapons, covert operations, and enemy spies are all a part of American history.  Learn about President Washington's secret spy ring, discover the world's first submarine, and explore the ace air fighters of World War One.  You can select the period of history that you want emphasized in your school's presentation.

American Revolution

American Civil War

World War One

World War II

History's Mysteries

 Grades 1- 5

Let your students earn their detective badges! Using an inquiry-based approach and informational texts your students will become history detectives and solve some of the strangest stories of history.  Topics that may be covered are mysteries of ancient Egypt, the Civil War, space secrets, and mysteries of the monarchies.

I Can be a Writer, Too!

Grades K-2

George has a BIG problem.  He has to write a story for his class and he doesn't know where to start!  Your students will help George learn that everyone can be an author.  This class reinforces the process of writing found in Writer's Workshop and the Common Core.

Evening Programs and Family Nights

Bring the whole family and get parents and grandparents involved in exploring history and science with their children.  I provide a hands-on interactive program that includes "exploding" experiments and racing airplanes.  It is sure to have your families checking out books in the non-fiction section of the library.

School Visits

The only thing I love more than writing books is talking about them.  I love to do school visits and I have several programs available. I spent 25 years teaching so I am at ease with any size audience.  And have I mentioned I love kids?  Fifth grade boys are my favorite!  One volcano explosion and we're friends for life.

Author, Teacher, Speaker

Stephanie Bearce


Cost ​

I charge $250 for a single 50 minute program, plus travel expenses.

Two programs at the same school = $450, and three programs = $625. Three programs is considered a full day.

Evening events are the same price, but if they are attached to a day long visit I give a discount.

​Discount for evening events attached to a full day school visit:

One 50 minute session is $200.  Two sessions is $400.


I live in the St. Louis region and do not charge for travel within one hour of my home.  For all other locations  I charge .40 cents per mile. (or the cost of a  coach plane ticket  - whichever is less.)  I also charge $100 per day for lodging and meals.  

Book Sales

Each school that invites me to visit will receive a free set of four books for their library. Order forms will also be provided for children and families to order their own copies.  I am very happy to autograph books and can make arrangements to have autographs ready before the event.