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Stephanie Bearce


Stephanie provides workshops and teacher training for educational conferences and professional development programs.  She would love to be a featured speaker at your organization's conference, or conduct a writing workshop for your district's professional development program.  Often, schools schedule an after-school mini-workshop for teachers in conjunction with a full day of student programs.  Contact Stephanie with your organization's needs.  She will tailor the perfect program for your school or conference.


Fabulous Non-fiction

Non-fiction is anything but boring!  Learn how to use informational texts to light the fire of your students' imaginations.  Practice using an inquiry-based approach to teach research writing  and use history texts to explore the world of spies, secret agents, and special missions.

Writer's Workshop

Make your students beg for writing time! Help them learn to work just like published authors with critique time, revisions, and publishing their final draft. Have fun delving into research and working with informational texts. And learn that the internet can be your best writing buddy.


Have you ever dreamed of writing your own picture book?  Do you have a novel that needs to be written?  Teacher know children better than anyone and they make the best children's authors.  Try your hand at writing a masterpiece and delve into the world of writing for children!

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Teacher Training