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Would you rather ride a moon buggy or drive the Mars rover? Colonize Mars or build a moon station? Own a flying motorcycle or personal robot? This class will have your students debating the pros and cons of cutting-edge technology and learning science while they have fun. Part of the program includes a science challenge where students use their creativity to explore how technology could solve current climate and social problems.

Appropriate for grades 3-8

Looking for a STEAM activity for your school or Library? Book one of Stephanie’s science-based author visits and let the excitement explode! Your kids will participate in hands-on experiments and learn how fun and weird science can be.

All classes are available in-person or as a virtual program.


Nikola Tesla had the wild idea for a wireless telephone system in the late 1800s. People called the idea crazy, now we call it a cell phone. This program introduces students to incredible inventors like Tesla, Bell, Curie, Edison, Morgan, and McCoy. Then students are challenged to create their own invention and share their ideas. This class is guaranteed to make your students insane for inventions.

Appropriate for grades Kdg-8


Enroll your students in Spy School to learn about Poison dart pens, secret ciphers, dead drops, and ghost armies. These are just a few of the wild but true stories that come from the Top Secret Files of History. Your students will learn how master spy George Washington used his secret agents to help win the revolution, and which woman was one of the most dangerous spies of World War II. Kids will be excited to solve their own secret codes and create real invisible ink.

Appropriate for grades 2-7

PRICES – A full-day visit, which includes five 60-minute classes, is $600 plus travel expenses. If you are interested in either an in-person or virtual visit, please contact me.