Raven Gallows Book Club

I’m super excited about the release of my Raven Gallows Mystery Series!
It’s a writing dream come true.
To celebrate this extraordinary blessing I am going on a “Give Back” Tour across my home state of Missouri. (It also happens to be Raven Gallow’s home state!)

I will waive my travel and speaking fees for any school that joins the Raven Gallows Book Club and purchases 50 copies of The Secret of Moonrise Manor. (That’s going to save your school $2,100!)

For readers in other states – I will offer free ZOOM visits to schools that purchase 30 books!

To get in on this deal – you need to register with me for the Raven Gallows Book Club. Once you have registered, I will be in touch to coordinate the purchase of books (we can use your indie bookshop or mine) and schedule my visit. School visits will all take place in the spring and fall semesters of 2025.

Members of the book club will also receive my newsletter and free lesson plans, so please sign up today!


Raven Gallows lives in a funeral home and is determined to become a famous detective. Her first case is one close to home—find the truth surrounding her mother’s puzzling death six years ago.
When a mummified man falls out of the wall at the Moonrise Manor Hotel, Raven is shocked to discover the body is clutching her mother’s silver locket.
Raven gathers her friends—Cosmina Wilde, who thinks she can talk to ghosts, Miles Farnsworth, who works at the haunted hotel, and Eric Wong, who possesses unparalleled computer skills—and sets out to learn the identity of the mummy. As they follow the clues, they discover more than they bargained for, including a stash of stolen art and a legend of a secret society.
The Secret of Moonrise Manor is a story about family, friendship, and the courage it takes to pursue the truth.

Shadow Mountain Publishing

Stephanie Bearce

Children's Author • Speaker

Releasing February 2025!

from Shadow Mountain Publishing.